Al Bayan Nursery

Al Bayan Nursery

The Nursery
Our specially designed nursery is bright, cheerful and stimulating with displays of the children’s work and well-kept resources. Outside we have a secure, easily accessible garden where children are given the opportunity to extend their learning.

Each day is carefully planned to ensure that there are a variety of activities that are exciting, interesting, informative and fun! A feedback is sent to the parents each day about the child’s progress.The weekly plan activities are emailed to the parents each week.
Our setting follows the British EYFS curriculum. Activities are planned to be appropriate for each child’s abilities and learning needs, whilst remaining flexible enough to accommodate spontaneous interest and events.
Through being involved with group activities there are many skills a child will develop and these will encourage self-confidence, sharing, turn taking and conversational development, ensuring your child is introduced to our rich, culturally diverse society.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet you and discuss any aspect of the service we offer. It is vitally important for you to feel confident in making the right choice for your child.Please do not hesitate to contact us on the number provided for any further clarifications.

Opening hours
The Nursery is open Sunday to Thursday from 8.00am to 2.00pm and additionally for parents who are working we provide a service till 5.00pm.

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