Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo

Emirates Park Zoo is located in Al Bahia, about 35 Km from Abu Dhabi city on the Abu Dhabi-Dubai highway, on an area covering 90,000 m2 making it an ideal destination for families, whether they were visiting the Zoo on the weekend or stopping over during their journey between the two cities to enjoy hands on educational and fun activities.

Emirates Pak Zoo is a member in World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA) and the International Zoo Educators Association (IZEA). The Zoo aims to create a connection between members of the community with natural animal life and the environment, as well as encouraging children to preserve the environment and instilling in them the values of animal welfare from a young age.

Emirates Park Zoo is home to more than 1,400 animals made up of pets and wild animals, housed in a number of sections including: Birds Section, Reptile Section, Snake Ally, Ocean Park, Giraffe Park, Flamingo Park, Predator Section, Monkeys Section, Domestic Section, My Plant Farm and Funscape.

Emirates Park Zoo is undergoing a massive expansion that will eventually see 35 chalets, a full-size ice skating rink, an indoor marine zone with twenty six salt water and four fresh water tanks, play & gaming zone and a number of international fast food chains.
The zoo will also feature the first of its kind domestic cats park, butterfly park, a section for gazelles, elephant and rhinoceros as well as a Chimpanzee Park, Parrot & Prey Birds Park and ‘natural’ outdoor animal enclosures will be added to the existing four-hectares of attractions.


Sunday – Wednesday:
9:00am to 8:00pm
Thursday – Saturday and Public Holidays:
9:00am to 9:00pm

12th Street, Al Bahia, Abu Dhabi City, UAE
Tel: +971 2 5010 000
Fax: +971 2 5631 266
Email: info@emiratespark.ae



Tel/Fax: +971 2 5646 977
Email: reception@emiratespark.ae
For the Emirates Park Resort website, please visit www.emiratespark.ae/resort

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